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In a time where anyone with a computer can now be a rapper and every trap star proclaims to have been Big Meech before picking up the mic, Se’von has emerged spitting some real truths to inspire and enlighten.

Speaking on his lane in the game, Se’von reveals, “I don’t think the world needs another artist that dumbs music down. We need music to expand our vocabulary and we need lyrics to expand our ideals and point of views on all approaches to different things like life and love, on relationships and religion.”

Giving the people some substance to walk away with, Se’von’s musical style can’t be put in a box as he meshes pop, rock and street music on his road to greatness. Being reared by an Air Force mom, Se’von’s childhood also allowed him to live in different cities and countries which further expands his musical palate. Se’von says, “Without that I wouldn’t be able to speak on different walks of life from East Coast to West Coast to overseas. Absorbing these different sounds makes me unique so I refuse to be pigeon holed.”

Ready for his time to shine, Se’von knows it’s not crowded at the top and is preparing to inspire and wake the masses like his peers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have been doing. Making a point to explain that there’s nothing wrong with the party trap trend that’s currently saturating Hip-Hop, Se’von just believes more artists should just tell their truths instead of glorifying the negativity.

One revered MC who took a liking to the gem dropper’s approach is the legendary Rakim who was so impressed with his vibes that he invited Se’von to open on tour for him. Se’von’s pen game has also blessed tracks from R&B veterans Lyfe Jennings and Case while Chingy has also benefited from Se’von’s hook writing game. 

Se’von’s anthem “Long Road” was selected by the NBA for the Western Conference Finals and Playoffs and he penned the R&B single “Braggin” by Kyron Leslie which was featured on the Vh-1 series Hit the Floor. In addition to being a go-to voice over talent for iHeart Radio, these warm up shots are paving the road to the arenas Se’von’s music is destined to fill. 

The first installment of Stadium of Hearts kicks off this fall so get ready to take a ride as Se’von’s mapped out plan of helping bring truth and reality back to the forefront of Hip-Hop begins.

You can see and hear more from Se’von by visiting his website, his YouTube channel and by following him on social media. 

Instagram & Twitter @SevonMusic
YouTube Channel: VON31VON

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