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Dave Bulera is an electronic music producer and the creator of the artist known as Bufinjer. A native of Buffalo, NY, music was always a staple from an early age.

In 1999 with the development of music making software, Bufinjer was created.
At first it was more of a curiosity and hobby, but quickly, as more and more songs were created, it became a passion.  

Through the years, Bufinjer became more comfortable making music, and continued to add more items to the home studio. But, it wasn’t until 2014 that the first album “Synical” was released to the world.

Since then, two more full length albums (“Electrolysis” in 2015, “Worldwide” in 2016), and one EP (“The Light Through The Storm” also in 2016) have been released, along with some singles.

Bufinjer’s 4th full length album is due to be released in spring or summer of 2018.

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