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JOHNA - Handmade music strongly played with quiet nuances


There is music that is "soul food" to our ears, and such is exactly the case with the soulful songs from JOHNA. Like a musical embrace, they are emotional but not cheap, expressive but not intrusive - limited without anything missing.

JOHNA - aka Singer-songwriter Nadine Kraemer enthuses with a creative sensibility that reveals her musical influences with include Sarah McLachlan, Heather Nova and Jewel; without copying them .

In concert JOHNA presents the songs with a full band or small ensemble such as a Duo or Trio. She is always accompanied by her long-time musical partner Kolja Pfeiffer, who adds a suitable and special musical backdrop on the piano, as well as the cajon, where nothing can be hidden nor needs to be. This Cologne band has toured through Europe, the USA and Canada and was support for other bands such as; Luxuslärm, Lissie, K's Choice, Jennifer Rush, Nick Howard, Sharon Van Etten and Whitehorse.

In the tradition of American singer/songwriters, JOHNA is now presenting "The Long Way Home", their debut album. It is self-written, hand-made music and presented precisely the way one would want to hear it - that is, it is man-made. The supposedly imperfect parts that are likely to get "ironed out" in the studio during German pop productions make the magic of the American singer/songwriter genre for Nadine Kraemer. US producer Peter Malick was the perfect match for JOHNA. He has collaborated with talents such as Norah Jones, and together they recorded "The Long Way Home" in Los Angeles. Guitarist, Peter Malick jumped on board this project too, alongside musicians Mario Calire, Jon Ossmann, Stephen Patt, Justine Bennett and Stevie Blacke who have previously used their talents and skills on projects with Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Jacob Dylan, Cat Power and Rihanna.

The courage and devotion to the soft tones, where the emotions get space, characterize the twelve songs on the album. The compositions are independent and yet unmistakably linked by the lyrical line in JOHNA'S songwriting. These jazzy/trendy arrangements inspire the listener with their melancholy mood, which is reflected in both the texts as well as the skillfully played stylistic facets – timeless, beautiful music that combines depth and ease, while it's stirring style is still original and honest!

"The Long Way Home" appears on March 11th, 2016 on the label 7us music.

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