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Peter Salmang


Peter Salmang is a classically trained pianist and multi instrumentalist. He is the founder, owner, and chief executive of Concorde Music Agency based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Peter has had numerous film, television, and commercial placements such as, “X” film campaign for Coco-de-Mer, by Rankin and Walter Campbell and his team at TBWA, “Bobby & Jack”(film campaign for Bobby Gin bar in Barcelona, Spain by Kiran Films), “Peponi House” (released by STUDIO [D] TALE), “Great British Tennis Weekend” (Rebowall ) and “Lactancia” (Advert by Kiran Films) to name a few.

In 2016, Peter wrote the underscore and themes for a feature documentary film called “Free Speech Fear Free”, written by Tarquin Ramsay. The film explores the question “What is Freedom of Speech?” with contributions from students, private and public workers, whistleblowers, actors like Jude Law, and freedom of expression supporters like Julian Assange.  

 In May 2015, he was chosen to create the music and sound design for the multi award winner ‘X’ Film campaign for Coco de Mer, London, directed and produced by Rankin, Walter Campbell, and his team at TBWA/London. 

In 2008, he produced four songs on the Ladytron's "Velocifero" album : ‘Runaway’; ‘The Lovers’; ‘Burning Up’; and ‘They Gave you a Heart’ (2008). In 2009, he did a remix of their song "The Camp" for the Black Label album, and in 2011 he remixed the song "90 Degrees" from the album "Gravity the Seducer".

His band Angele Phase opened for Depeche Mode during their ‘Tour of The Universe’ in Latin America. Peter was involved with producing the show and performing as front man.

In 2010, five songs from Angele Phase’s ‘Magnetophonband’ album were synced to MTV series “Niñas Mal” which was broadcast in South America and produced by Sony Pictures.

He also sealed a worldwide distribution deal with Le Son du Maquis & Harmonia Mundi, France’s alternative record label (the French sister of Factory Records) for the Angele Phase ‘Magnetophonband’ album.

Peter has received several awards for his outstanding musical accomplishments. In 2000, he received the BBC Music Song Writers Award; in 2003, the Red Bull Music Academy Award; and in 2009 SHOCK Music Awards (Best Electro Rock Band).

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