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Grenga - Sampou


Ed Grenga is a composer/arranger, pianist, songwriter and screenplay writer who began his musical career as a full time touring musician at the age of seventeen. Since then, Ed has scored dozens of feature films, documentaries and TV shows including Frontline, Nova, History Channel, Discovery, Married with Children, and This Old House, as well as thousands of soundtracks for Fortune 500 companies including Gillette, Proctor and Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and EMC.

Ed’s special gift is creating hauntingly beautiful emotional and dramatic soundscapes. He’s one of those talents that you love working with because he’s a people person and a musician’s musician with endless ideas.  As for quality, you will never see him quit until his customers are completely satisfied.

Les Sampou is an established folk/indie singer, songwriter, and producer. She has toured internationally for over two decades (eg. SXSW, Montreal Jazz Fest, Philadelphia Folk Fest) as an Americana, Rounder Records recording artist.  Songs from her six albums have been played around the world.  A powerful, emotional vocalist in the tradition of Lucinda Williams, Les has been chosen as the critical support act for such legends as Aretha Franklin, Richard Thompson, Nancy & Ann Wilson/Heart, Pat Benatar, Johnny Lang, and Sugarland, to name a few. 

Les's award-winning songs range from organic, rootsy blues to quirky story-based mini-dramas, to dark and moody love songs. The unifying factor is her attention-grabbing, chameleon-like voice and her intriguing visual prose.  “Cliche” doesn’t exist in her toolbox.

Ed Grenga and Les Sampou joined forces two years ago.  Since then, they have been developing a unique brand of “Deep Dark Music” -- perfect for the kind of programming that ranges from psychologically quirky to suspense and horror.  Think Twin Peaks meets The Blacklist meets True Detective. 

Grenga-Sampou is an exciting new team to watch, creating top shelf music for soundtracks, trailers, TV and Advertisement.

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