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Helmut Calabrese


Born in Germany, Helmut Calabrese is an Italian-American composer operating primarily in the greater New York City area. For over forty years, Dr. Calabrese has composed music for all genres. He has traveled the world participating in concerts as an orchestrator and premiere events as a composer. He is a natural musical dramatist skilled in using emotional and sensuous sonorities to carry scenes and develop characters in feature films and short films. Stylistically, he is defined as a polyphonic Neo-Romantic Eclectic Modernist composer.

Dr. Helmut Calabrese leverages a lifetime of musical training in his work. After immigrating to the United States from Germany with his family, he began studying piano privately at the young age of ten. His endless passion and raw talent for the subject led to many musical pursuits—he began composing at eighteen and wrote his first opera at twenty-one. He also obtained many post-secondary degrees, including a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of the Arts and a Ph.D. in composition at New York University. Dr. Calabrese furthered his formal education with extensive film scoring training under film professor and composer Michael Rendish from the Berkley College of Music. Dr. Calabrese is a self-professed life-long learner. He is never finished honing his skills and adding to his musical knowledge.

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