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Davide Castro

Italian born, Davide Castro “AKA” D.C is an Experimental Poly-Instrumental Musician. He masterfully composes in various genres such as, Hip-Hop, Rap Orchestral, Soundtracks, Electronic, Dance and Acoustic.

In 2010, He started playing keyboards for Heavymetal band “FROM THE DEPTH”, and they produced their demo called “THE WILL TO BE THE FLAME”, with it having great success. Then, in 2011 they released an album called “BACK TO LIFE” labeled by Rising Records. Later, leading to an opportunity to collaborate with “STANDOUTER” in the production arena, and now in 2015 joining the newly formed band “DISTANT RECKONING” as Keyboardist.

With years of study, Davide has had the opportunity to collaborate and produce for several artists, and produces any type of digital music, utilizing a vast array of professional platforms to guarantee nothing but the best. New projects released shortly!!

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