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1st Day of the Run Dogs. The Awakening: Dogstar shines

Once upon a dog)time, there was a meeting between the Philarmonica of Dogcelona (McOrdeon), the Original Soundtrack of your lives (McFly) and The Galician Howler (McWolf). On the 24th of November 2013 we took our First Bite (our first concert)... The audience: open mouths and hard beating hearts!! World, we are here!!!

2nd Day of the Run Dogs. Interview with the Dog-Devil
On the
21st of March 2014 the three Dog Brothers play in front of 200 people in the most Celtic of world days: St Patrick’s day. The next Concert: the Arc de Triomf (Barcelona) in front of a barking audience of around 1000 people. On the radio, they announced the dognews...

3rd day of the Run Dogs. BSST 2015

On the 2nd of May 2015 we announced something is about to change everything: The Run Dogs First bite of New York. Assault of the Heavens now begins. The 5 Roots’ City Tour ends up by biting the whole month of July 2015, we dream big and we work hard , and we meet our brother Ron Thaler and sign the Great Paper with him (with peace, love and potatoes too).

4th day of the Run Dogs. Assault of Heavens switched ON

The last part of 2015 is an authentic blast of Canadian power. We and our brother Blondie Boy (aka Ron Thaler), producer of the Run Dogs (also Alicia Keys, and Slash...uhu!), spend October in Barcelona, and November in Victoria Canada at Electric City Sound Studios. With the Anvil of Dogsfury of our producer, we launch the most epic and crazydog masterpiece of celtic-gypsy-ska music to the world on May 8th 2016. Totally sold out at the Barts Theatre and that’s only the beginning.

5th day of the Run Dog. Tomorrow always bites!!!

We are hungry, prepare oh world, the Run Dogs assault is coming!

.......... Run Dogs & Bite First! ............ 

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