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UK-based duo Faeland makes acoustic music that will make you believe in natural magic. Composed of singer-songwriters Rebecca Nelson and Jacob Morrison, Faeland uses acoustic instruments (including guitars, harp, banjo, violin and piano) to support exquisite vocals that speak on the environment, personal authenticity, and the human desire to feel something real.

The duo has done well for itself since its inception, building a loyal fan base, making it onto UK national radio including BBC 6 Music, and landing on Album Of The Year lists from Folk Radio UK, Sam Bonham of BBC Introducing, and Shire Folk Magazine with its debut effort All My Swim.

Faelands upcoming full-length release, When I Close My Eyes, releases 26 February 2021 and is Nelson and Morrisons most articulate and evolved music to date. It was tracked at the renowned Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales and was engineered by Matt Butler (Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd). The first single from the new record is the delicate ballad End Of The Day.” The song is featured in 23 Walks, a brand-new British film directed by Oscar nominee Paul Morrison and starring Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake) and Alison Steadman (Gavin and Stacey). The track and its Paul Morrison-directed music video were released on 25 September, 2020, the same day as the film, to an overwhelmingly positive response. Another key song from the new record is the stunning Easier,” a folk/pop jewel that recalls gentle superstars like The Cranberries and Natalie Merchant. The entire album is a sojourn through an internal landscape filled with love, melancholy, and the kind of emotionally honest music-making that creates deeply connected, lifetime fans. Each song is a subtle lesson in being human taught with beautiful vocal melodies, stirring instrumental work, and a level of vulnerability not often seen in our modern world.

Faeland proved its members dedication to their craft by working multiple day jobs as well as their own record label and event production company to the point of burnout and beyond. Rebecca even endured a serious health scare that led to a diagnosis of ME and required a nine-month hiatus from work and music in the middle of making the new album. Thankfully, she recovered and the duo completed the record but the experience was transformative. Half of the new songs were written before burning out and the rest after…its been a journey,” Rebecca said. Jacob adds,We learned some tough lessons about staying true to ourselves, and that really comes through now in the music.”

Faeland is on a trajectory that will take the duo to the upper reaches of the modern folk firmament. They make life-changing music thats poised to connect with a large, international audience and put them in the league of iconic artists like Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac. Anyone seeking gorgeous, ethereal new music with indelible hooks and the best of intentions needs to discover Faeland immediately and become part of the odyssey.

“A super unique duo… seriously talented…naturally they come together to create incredible music” - James Threlfall, BBC Introducing 2021


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