Soda Box

Marvin Denning

Based in the West of England in the UK, Marvin has been playing and writing songs since his teens, working in a wide range of styles from Rock, Metal, Alt-Rock, Post-Rock, Trad Folk, Alt-Folk, Pop, Indie, Slowcore and more. He’s formed and played in various bands over several decades.

Following an EP in 2006, his gradually metamorphic project Slow released the album Seeds in 2008 on Old Crow Music, playing at Glastonbury Festival among others in the UK, along with a German tour.

Running his own boutique studio, Marvin also collaborates with other artists on writing, recording and producing both music and spoken word audio and works on studio projects across the pop, dance, indie, rock, and more fringe genres such as music for trance and meditation, poetry & storytelling, and documentaries. He has various library works published through major and smaller labels which have been placed into radio and TV productions that air all over the world.

He’s also a graphic and web designer, does a bit of campervan conversion on the side, likes foxes, and makes a pretty tasty curry.

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