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Red Deer Sleeping

Red Deer Sleeping sings elemental nature inspired songs on ukulele and cuatro, based on poems by the imagist poets of the early 20th Century - Amy Lowell, D H Lawrence, T.E. Hulme; Victorian & Romantic poets - A.E. Housman & Christina Rossetti and Haiku poems.

"Mog Fry has just made an EP that's simple, beautiful and transports me every time I need a little 10 minute trip out of my life, then back, restored and energised and inspired. Thank you for your music Mog!" - Rachael Dadd

"What beautiful music you write Mog Fry. Your album launch was just the ticket!”- Lyndsie Barnard. 

 "A treat for your ears: crystal voice” - Mel Shearsmith - A Peculiar Grace

 "I was so thrilled to be speaking poems to your music! Wow it just happened I hope we can do it again!! Will listen for you!” - Suzanne Iuppa

"Your music was just perfect for that quiet dawn time” - Suzanne Iuppa

"Moonlight and strings and delicate vocals these are the lullabies deer dream of (and me!)”- Nikki Grant

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