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New Zealand

Jeremy (Jay) Hay AKA isunray (Writer/Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Remixer)

 “isunray” makes storyteller pop using real and synthetic instruments, incorporating electronic atmospheres & delicious jazzy textures.

 Jay Hay AKA isunray is from Wellington, New Zealand. After years working the pub and club circuit Jay learnt a simple truth, that playing other peoples songs wasn’t anywhere near as satisfying as writing his own. “I’d always thought of myself as a player who wrote a bit, but I finally realised that most people who play music don’t write and I wanted to bring something new to the world. At heart I’m a writer who plays a bit.”

With the arrival of computer based recording at affordable prices Jay could finally put music together the way he heard it in his heart, and isunray was born.

With a Mac running Logic and Reason, Isunray was able to refine his own music then record, arrange, mix, produce and master it all. 

Eventually the studio got bigger, but the idea always remains the same… “ Now I am a writer who plays a bit…” and make new music that resonates to the call of his heart.  

isunray’s musical highlights include:

 Two mini-albums:

“Balance” 2007 - written, arranged and produced by isunray

From “Balance” comes the piece “Icebergs Off The Coast” of which Future Music Magazine said “… a great sound and we look forward to more!.”

“Deliciously diverse, crossing a remarkable range of genres” - Groove Guide

“Balancing Act” 2014 - written by isunray and produced by Ron Thaler

“(isunray) can really have a strong effect and a strong impact internationally, the music is that good.” Ron Thaler – 3 time Grammy Awarded & 11-time #1 Billboard Music Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist.

 #1 on InMusik “You Live For Your Jones” Global Music Chart from “Balancing Act”.

 Recorded the vocals for Anita Prime’s “Complicated” a #3 US Billboard Hot Dance Play hit.

Remix highlights include: 

 “Run” by Stereospread - iTunes release 2015 “Oh wow!, this is incredible” - Stereospread.

 “Can’t Do This Again” by Agency - featured on the legendary Rusty Egan’s synth pop show.

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