Soda Box



Pete Mills (aka Silvertortoise) began playing piano at age 6 


He recorded his first solo piano album Mira, using an unusual recording technique - no takes were ever the same, and new parts spontaneously emerged whilst recording. This makes the pieces completely unique. Containing the work and life experience of the past 28 years of his life, the album continues to be loved by people around the world.  


Pete’s second album, showing his evolution of technique and new phase in life will be released mid 2017. This new phase includes learning about and realising the nature of mind through a practice called Short Moments, developed by Balanced View. This has had the most magical effect on his music and playing as you will hear.  


Pete has worked with artists as diverse as PauOakenfoldKrust of Full Cycle fame, Dubstep genius Culprate, renowned Beatboxer / Multivocalist MCXander, the incredible Hang duo Hang Massive, and he also performs live with two different sets, solo improvised piano, and Ableton, piano / keys, and an Access Virus TI.  

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