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Craig Dodge

Where would you expect to find an award winning, classically trained film, television, and video game composer, university professor, and international music & audio designer for National Geographic, the BBC, the NFL (National Football League), and the Discovery Channel?  Well in Prince Edward Island, Canada, naturally!
Meet Craig Dodge, SODA BOX MUSIC's intrepid A&R personality and Assistant Director of our Custom Music Shop.  His responsibilities are many, his skill sets numerous, his shoulders broad. We are honored that he has put time aside to work with us, and help filmmakers, artists, and composers flourish and taste the fruits of building the perfect audio signature for their projects. 

His special touch can be heard on more than 100 films and television shows airing daily in 110 countries.  He has written music for 35 video games on various platforms, also acting as lead audio designer for the projects. His ability to write in a variety of musical styles and genres, whether working in electronic environments or with full orchestras, has built him an impressive following among music supervisors and industry curators. 

In creating these unique soundscapes, Craig continues to shape the world's ears… just watch and listen to: Pawn Stars (History Channel), Catfish - The TV Show (MTV), Hardcore Heroes (History Channel), Al Capone : Icon (PBS), Tito vs. Bonnar: Winner Take All (Spike TV), American Pickers, Pawn Stars UK,  Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC), Beasts of the Bayou (Discovery), River Monsters (Animal Planet), Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo), Gator Boys (Animal Planet),  House of Horrors (Discovery), Big Bad Wood (National Geographic), Hot Listings Miami (Style Network), Caught on Camera (MSNBC), Don't Drive Here (Discovery), Hotel Impossible (Travel Channel), Stalked: Someone's Watching (Discovery), Grand Benders (MTV/BPMTV), Bloody Good (Discovery/Sony/IMAX), Turnaround King (National Geographic), Alaska Wing Men (National Geographic), Mrs. Eastwood & Company (E! Entertainment), Levantate (Telemundo), This is Life with Lisa Ling (CNN), Logitech, Barclay’s Premier League, New York Knicks Basketball (MSG Network), NFL, NHL, Fox Sports 1, Bell Media, Six Flags, Jergens…and on and on!

For equal parts acoustic color panache and future-compelling hybrids, Craig is your man.

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